Calvary's 170th Anniversary News ...

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DAY 1:  SATURDAY, September 23, 2017
North Charleston Marriott Hotel


The Reverend Canon Terence A. Lee was our Keynote Speaker on Saturday, September 23, 2017.  

If  you missed it, you shouldn’t have … that’s all I’m saying.  There are no reruns and no recordings. He had us folk on our FEET, shoutin’ and rockin’... good times !!!

The Reverend Canon Terence Alexander Lee
Rector, St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church
Hollis, New York

Dr. Kendra Hamilton is an award winning writer living in Clinton, South Carolina. She was a presenter at the Anniversary Luncheon on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

She read a poem that she wrote - an ode to Calvary and its heritage. We were awestruck … her delivery was powerful, her message was tender. She spoke to resilience in the face of challenges. The room fell silent. We heard her and we were moved. We wept for love and honor of those who have come before us, we wept for joy in the hopefulness that she inspired.  

You want to get a copy of that poem!!!

Kendra Hamilton, PhD
Assistant Professor of English and
Director of Southern Studies
Presbyterian College
Clinton, South Carolina


Ms. Carolyn Murray was the Mistress of Ceremony at the Anniversary Luncheon on Saturday, September 23rd. She provided that sophistication and elegance that we’ve all come to expect when we hear that she will be on the mic.

A warm, heartfelt “Thank You” to Ms. Murray for an outstanding and well conducted program.

Ms. Carolyn Murray
News Anchor
WCBD Channel 2 Television
Charleston, South Carolina


The Lucas Sisters rocked the house with their spirit and their music. They wouldn’t be stopped - when the band had to leave the luncheon early and the Sisters had one more song to sing, they sang it a cappella - and still raised the roof !

OMG -- what a treat !!!

The Lucas Sisters

Reverend Rossilind Lucas Daniels

Mary Lucas Greer

Trudy B. Lucas

Minister Charles Miller 

DAY 2:  SUNDAY, September 24, 2017
Calvary Protestant Episcopal Church


Besides providing the Invocation and the Benediction at the Saturday Luncheon, The Reverend Barney Hawkins IV served as celebrant of the Eucharist and ministered to a full house on Sunday, September 24, 2017 (like the old days at Calvary).  He provided that spiritual balance that brought us "home" to our Calvary spirit.  

His was a message of forgiving the past and embracing our future.  It was timely, it was powerful, it was motivating.

Our anniversary presenters brought spiritual nourishment, and we FEASTED!!!


The Reverend J. Barney Hawkins IV, PhD
Vice President for Institutional Advancement and
The Arthur Carl Lichtenberger Professor in Pastoral Theology 
and Continuing Education
Virginia Theological Seminary
Alexandria, Virginia

The founding of Calvary Church in 1847 was to establish a special church for enslaved persons in the Charleston community.
  This  id
ea paralleled the thoughts of many people that there was a need to evangelize them in the decades after 1820.  At the 58th Annual Convention of the Diocese of South Carolina in February 1847, Mr. Henry D. Lesesne, prominent attorney and chairman of the Vestry of St. Philip’s Church, introduced resolutions pointing to the religious instructions of Charleston’s slave population.  A committee chaired by Mr. Lesesne chose The Reverend Paul Trapier as the first minister of the proposed congregation to be known as Calvary Church.

Calvary's "Birth" dates:  
Organized:  September 2, 1847
Consecrated Original Church Building:  December 23, 1849
Consecrated Current Church Building:  1942