What We Believe


Calvary Episcopal Church proclaims Jesus Christ

as Lord and Savior and ministers to others by

following the Great Commission.



Calvary Episcopal Church is the source of support

and spiritual inspiration in our community

whereby devoted followers of Jesus have been

raised up to carry out the Great Commission. 

We see Calvary as:  A welcoming

church where everyone is invited

to be a part of the Body of Christ; The lifeline

for our children as we raise up leaders;

A church where health and wellness is

essential to our spiritual bodies;

Promoting stewardship of our time, talent, and

tithe in service to the Lord; Concentrating

on our African American cultural

heritage while embracing diversity within the Anglican tradition.



We believe in God as Sovereign;

We believe Jesus is the

Son of God and our Lord and Savior;

We believe the Holy Bible is the written Word of God;

We believe we should empower our youth ministry

and increase our congregation;

We believe that there should be greater

communication and cooperation between

our various ministries;

We believe we should give of our

time, talent, and tithe and

provide outreach to the community;

We believe we can do all things

through God who empowers us;

We believe, as an

Episcopal Church in the Anglican Community,

we should also cherish our

African heritage.