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Our Ministries


Supporting and Participating in Services



Sue Steed, Coordinator

Our acolytes are made up of youth in grades 5 through college who participate in the sacramental ministry by serving as crucifers, torch bearers, and flag bearers.


Chalice Bearers and Lectors

Sue Steed, Coordinator

Our adult members assist with the cup at Holy Eucharist, read the appointed lessons, and offer the Prayers of the People.

Choir, Adult

Lonnie Hamilton, Director

Syderia Singleton, Organist & Pianist

Our Adult Choir is a vested choir that performs each Sunday at Calvary and practices Thursdays from 6:30 - 7:30 PM. We just love to sing.


Choir, Children & Youth

Our Children & Youth Choir is a non-vested choir that performs on Sundays several times during the year.


Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick & Shut-in

George Alston

George Long

We are lay men and women who are specially trained to take the Sacrament from the Communion rail during Sunday worship and deliver it directly to people who are unable to be in church.

Melody Chimes Ensemble

George Kenny

We perform the ancient art of bells on the 3rd Sunday morning service each month and practice Saturdays from 10:00 – 11:00 AM in the parish house. There are several octaves of bells and each of us hopes to learn to use them to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” You need not know how to read music to join us.


St. Mary’s Altar Guild

Yulanda Thompson

We prepare the church for services of divine worship. We prepare the altar, Eucharistic vessels, hangings, linens, and flower arrangements for every service.




We warmly welcome parishioners and visitors to worship services. We are responsible for escorted seating, assisting visitors who are unfamiliar with Episcopal worship, collecting the offering, directing the orderly flow of persons to the altar during communion, helping in emergencies, and assisting the clergy in identifying newcomers and visitors. We also represent the parish in bringing forward the bread and wine that will be consecrated at Holy Communion. We encourage singles, married couples, and families with children to be a part of this ministry.



Senior Warden/ Virginia Weaver

Elected by the members of Calvary Episcopal Church, we are spiritual leaders, in conjunction with the Rector, who are committed to building up the Body of Christ so that it can be an effective instrument of mission and ministry in the world.



Taking Care of Our Parish Family


College Ministry Committee of the Episcopal Church Women

Carrutha Branch

As young Calvary members begin college life, we mail cards of encouragement to these college students to keep in touch throughout the school year as a reminder that our students are loved and cared for while they are away. We invite all of Calvary’s college students to an annual reception and provide monetary gifts to those who graduate.


Hospitality and Kitchen Committee of the Episcopal Church Women

Veronica Sheppard

We provide comfort through the nourishment of families during times of grief and happiness by serving food at times of bereavement and celebration.


Mission and Ministry at Home Committee of the Episcopal Church Women

We take flowers from the altar on Sundays to the sick and shut-in, and persons in hospital. We prepare Thanksgiving baskets for persons in need; and Christmas baskets for members of Calvary who are shut-in. We send cards of condolence for Calvary members who have suffered a death in their family. We are ready to assist members of the parish when there is a new baby or at times when life gets hard, temporarily or long-term. Our group helps with rides to the doctor or hospital (given 24 hour notice), meal preparation, pick up of medication, and just about any reasonable need of people going through difficult times.


The Order of the Daughters of the King

Sue Steed

Members of the Daughters of the King pledge themselves to a lifelong discipline of prayer, service, and evangelism. Daughters offer intercessory prayer for others – always honoring their confidentiality. Written requests for prayers may be placed in the Prayer Box near the entrance to the church. They also may be phoned in to the church office at 723-3878. Daughters offer a personal prayer station at the rear of the church after worship services; and we visit and send cards to sick, shut-in, and bereaved parish and community members.


The Order of the Junior Daughters of the King

We minister under the auspices of the Order of the Daughters of the King. We offer prayer, community service work, make rosaries/prayer beads, and sponsor the Praise Dancers of Calvary.



Opportunities to Learn and Grow for all Ages


Bible Study (Sunday), Adult

George Alston

We meet 9:30 – 10:30 AM on Sundays and use planned themes for studying the Scriptures. Themes vary by season. We use material from Urban Ministries, Inc. (UMI).


Christian Education Committee

Jewell Dingle

Our committee meets quarterly to plan Sunday morning, weekday evenings, and special programs to meet the needs and interests of adult parishioners. Themes vary by season.

Members of our committee plan Sunday nursery and Sunday school; and special events during the year, including Advent Wreath-Making, the Christmas Pageant, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Play, Vacation Bible School, and special church processions. Our Sunday school meets during worship service at 10:30 and joins the youth and adults at 11:00 AM for the Holy Eucharist.


Church Periodical Club of the Episcopal Church Women

Jennie Cooper

We collect funds to help purchase text books for seminary students in Episcopal Seminaries. Much of the literature available from Calvary, the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, The Episcopal Church, and other religious affiliations is found in the tract racks in the church. We keep an eye out for useful literature and keep the racks filled.




Spending Time Together as a Parish Family


Calvary Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

Marion L. Holmes

Our Calvary members, along with ECW members of other churches in the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, are spiritually committed to extending God’s Kingdom through prayers and labors that enhance and increase ministry and mission in local, national, and international communities. Our group organizes Calvary’s annual Fish Fry and Oyster Roast.


Communication Committee of the Episcopal Church Women

We organize the operating manual for the Episcopal Church Women and communicate between our Chapter and the Diocesan ECW, the Provincial ECW, and the National ECW.


First Sunday Fellowship

Anita Jefferson, 723-3878, calvary8@bellsouth.net 

On the first Sunday of each month, members of Calvary provide food and drink following the worship service. We have a different set of two chairpersons each month to facilitate the groups.


JOY Activity Group

Veronica Sheppard

Our craft class meets Tuesdays from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM. We sew, crochet, knit, quilt, and construct. We learn how to repair and construct garments, including baby clothes for infant burials under the Caleb Ministry.  Our class welcomes all interested in using their hands.  We enter items in competition at the annual Coastal Carolina Fair and often win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in many different areas, including pillow, dolls, quilts, afghans, dish rags, ponchos, and bed spreads.


Men of Calvary

Marvin Gallant

Our committee facilitates upkeep and maintenance of church buildings and grounds, conducts the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, and conducts Mother’s Day Flowers and luncheon. We generally assist Calvary Episcopal Church as needed.


Spiritual Life Committee of the Episcopal Church Women

Sue Steed

Our members open the meetings of the Episcopal Church Women with prayer and make pastoral presentations during the spiritual and devotional portion of the meetings. We assist the St. Mary’s Altar Guild by taking Sunday flowers to the sick and shut-in.


Senior Warden/ Virginia Weaver

Our Vestry plans programs, social time, and food and entertainment for special parish events such as the annual Crab Crack, Family and Friends Weekend which includes Friday Night and Saturday Fun and Games and Sunday Pew Rally, the Christmas Jazz Dance, and trips to shows.



Buildings, Money, and Administration


Brick Project

We strive to beautify our cemetery between Calvary Episcopal Church and our Administrative Building by landscaping the area with bricks that people may purchase with inscriptions in memory or in honor of friends or loved ones.


Buildings & Grounds

Members of our committee make recommendations to the vestry for improved operation and maintenance of church property.



Delphine Robinson  

We follow the ancient tradition of providing space for burial within the confines of our churchyard.



Carol Burk, 723-3878, calvary8@bellsouth.net

Joan Bonaparte - website,  calvarychurchweb8@gmail.com 

We prepare Sunday bulletins, a quarterly newsletter “Amazing Grace;” and a lively and informative website, www.calvarych.org, to help Calvary’s parish family know what’s going on; and help spread our message beyond the walls of our church buildings. In our group there are opportunities for writers, photographers, proofreaders, and people with graphic design skills. Special publications are produced throughout the year. All our production is done in-house.

Finance Committee

Virginia Weaver, Senior Warden

Timothy Armstrong, Treasurer

Antionette Bluford, Finance Secretary

We oversee the financial management of Calvary Episcopal Church, including payment of bills, salaries, and fees. We are responsible to ensure an annual audit and a balanced budget. We meet Sunday mornings after worship service in a team of three to eight people to record that day’s offerings and report the results to the church office.


Office & Volunteers

Carol Burk, 723-3878, calvary8@bellsouth.net  

We take on the various tasks at the church office. We might be found greeting visitors, proofing printed materials, answering the phones, helping with mailings, etc. We generally serve from 2-3 hours per week and enjoy every minute of it!


Stewardship Committee

Senior Warden / Timothy Armstrong

Our committee conducts an annual Stewardship Campaign and encourages members of Calvary to tithe in thanksgiving for God’s gifts in their lives. 



Senior Warden / Virginia Weaver

Elected by the members of Calvary Episcopal Church, we have exclusive authority over the fiscal affairs of this parish. As part of this responsibility, we encourage parishioners to remember Calvary in their estate planning. In addition to bequests in our wills, there are other types of gifts that allow parishioners to express their charitable intent now, while using the income from the gift during their lifetime, realizing immediate tax benefits. Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities and Annuity Trusts, and Pooled Income Funds are the most common examples.



In the Community and the World


Charleston Area Justice Ministry (CAJM)

Jewell Dingle

The Charleston Area Justice Ministry—CAJM—is a growing network of Faith Based Congregations who are culturally, economically, geographically and religiously diverse – coming together to make the Charleston area a more just place to live. Member congregations (currently 20) work together to empower marginalized people in our communities. We accomplish this by doing research, educating the public, and publically addressing the root causes of, and solutions to, poverty and injustice in our communities. CAJM is unique in its approach in that it transforms the systems that cause suffering by holding local officials accountable for resolving these inequities and injustices.

One 80 Place Little Red Wagon

Marion Holmes

Each Sunday, we encourage parishioners to bring large-sized canned and boxed foods and place them in the Little Red Wagon inside the church entrance. The food is brought forward with the oblations and offering at the 10:30 worship service each Sunday, and we take the food to the Crisis Ministries homeless shelter for use that week.


Episcopal Diocese Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)

Lonnie Hamilton

Frank Rupp

Calvary and the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina established the nonprofit to provide affordable housing units for qualified applicants seeking homes in Charleston. Since its creation in 1997, CHDO has rehabilitated and built new homes in Porter's Court, Elliotborough, and Humphrey's Court. Prior to CHDO stepping in, most of the Porter's Court houses were vacant and used by drug addicts as hangouts. Rents had increased in the area to a level more than people could afford and the area was headed rapidly downhill.


Episcopal Relief & Development (ERD)


ERD is the primary method that The Episcopal Church uses to help people in need nationally and worldwide, including rebuilding devastated communities and offering long-term program development solutions to fight poverty. Each year, we select a new project to support in one of those categories.


Feeding of the Multitude Committee

Andrea Lawrence, Veronica Sheppard

We encourage Calvary members to provide food, entertainment, and emergency and other services for this annual event that takes place the Saturday before Thanksgiving each year on the east side of Charleston. Feeding of the Multitude is an event that annually feeds over 4,000 poor and disenfranchised people at this and several other locations throughout the Charleston area.


Helping and Lending Outreach Support (HALOS)

Richardine Alston

We encourage Calvary members to support HALOS, which is a non-profit agency that depends on partner churches, businesses, and civic groups to assist children who are in foster care under the supervision of the state Department of Social Services because of abuse or neglect. Through HALOS, Calvary members provide back-to-school clothes and supplies, summer camp opportunities, tutoring, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and more. Individuals and families may also “adopt” HALOS children by purchasing these items for specific children in the HALOS Program.

Mission and Ministry in the World of the Episcopal Church Women

Alesia Rico Flores 

We are forming a partnership with Ascension School, Bereau, Haiti. Ascension is an elementary school with approximately 75 students. We hope to support school spirituality, educational needs, an annual mission trip, and an annual fundraising event for the school’s benefit.


Next Steps South Carolina

We are organizing a group of churches in the Charleston area to help our needy neighbors who are willing to make positive changes in their lives, both materially and spiritually, by taking small, achievable, and measurable Next Steps toward employment, education, housing, counseling, faith formation, and more.  See www.SouthCarolinaMinistries.org and www.NextStepsSC.org .


Seafarers’ Ministry

Men of Calvary / Marvin Gallant                                  

Established in the 1820’s, this ecumenical Christian ministry welcomes and serves the needs of those men and women who make their livelihood in the port or at sea, without regard for nationality, race, ethnicity, politics, or religion. Calvary supports this ministry through volunteers who visit ships and perform administrative functions at the Seafarers’ Center; and by contributing to the Christmas at Sea Project, supplying Christian and secular literature for seafarers’ use, and making financial contributions to help meet the ministry’s expenses.

Summer Enrichment and Lunch Program

(Temporarily Inactive)

We provide free breakfast and lunch from the Lowcountry Foodbank to children and youth from ages 1 to 18, Monday through Friday during the Summer months, in the Calvary Parish Hall.


United Thank Offering (UTO) of the Episcopal Church Women

Richardine Alston

We encourage parishioners to put their spare coins to good use, collecting them in “little blue boxes” as an offering whenever they feel thankful. These boxes are then offered thankfully during a church service called a UTO Ingathering. Each year we collect several hundred dollars through our “little blue boxes.” When our donation is added to The Episcopal Church UTO Gathering overall, it results in about $2.5 million to fund more than 100 domestic and world mission grants worldwide.