These Clergy and Lay members  led our beloved Calvary Church through calm and turbulent times


 The Reverend Paul Trapier  (Founder)  1847-1857

The Reverend W. H. Hanckel  1857-1859

The Reverend Lucius C. Lance  1860-1861

The Reverend W. O. Prentiss 1866-1872

The Reverend J. V. Welch  1872-1890

The Reverend E. F. Al. Bennett  1898-1900

The Reverend W. M. Jackson  1903-1907

The Reverend Jesse David Lykes  1907-1912

The Reverend Erasmus L. Baskervill  1913-1937

The Reverend Lewis A. Baskerville  1937-1939

The Reverend Stephen B. Mackey  1940-1965




 The Reverend Stephen B. Mackey  1965-1972

The Reverend Keithly R. S. Warner  1976-1977

The Reverend Cornelius White  1977-1980

The Reverend Paul R Abernathy  1982-1987

The Reverend Carlisle Ramcharan  1990-1991

The Reverend Theodore R. Lewis, Jr.  1992-2012

The Rev. Dr. Matthew McCormick 2018-2020




Interim and Assistant Clergy

Jacob V. Welch - 1872-1876

Edward Hollings 1890

George Frazier Miller 1891-1893

Andrew Ernest Cornish 1900-1903

Charles Furlow        1976

William Weaver       1988-1989

Samuel Fleming      1991

Deacon Ed Dykman 2011-2012

W. Roy Hills    2012-2013

Michael Burton 2014

Gregory Hodgson   2015-2018

Jennie C. Olbrych 2020-2021

Deacon Marionette Bennett 2020 - 

Ann J. Broomell 2021 - 

Lay Readers

George M. Long

John T. Bowden

Ralph E. Freeman 

James Gallant, III

Matthew Murray

Burns Forsythe, Sr.

George Alston