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Our worship at Calvary is reverent and joyous--an intentional combination of the beloved hymns of the Episcopal tradition and the uplifting energy of African-American hymnody. In the past year, coming out of the restrictions on gathering in person during the intensity of the Covid pandemic, we have used Rite I for our worship during Advent and Lent, and Rite II during Epiphany, Easter, and Pentecost seasons.  During festive seasons the opening and closing portions of the Eucharistic prayer are chanted. Bells ring out during the Eucharistic prayer. We value the opportunity to sing the Lord's Prayer. Our choir members have decades of experience singing in African American Episcopal churches throughout the East coast. Their leadership is strong and sure and the solos can take your breath away.


choir 2022.jpg
The Choir is directed by Mr. Lonnie Hamilton, III who also shares his gifts on the saxaphone with the congregation. Choir members include (l-r) Andrea Lawrence, Alvin Feemster, Sue Steed,  Pearl Harris, and Patrina
The Melody Chimes are led by Mr. George Kenney, Jr. A photo will be posted soon.
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