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Calvary's 2022 Vestry and Officers

  Ithe Episcopal tradition, the “Vestry” is what other churches might call

a “church board.” It’s the lay leadership body whose members work with the clergy of the parish. The Vestry is particularly responsible for the property and finances of the parish.

The Vestry members are elected by the Congregation for a three year term


Senior Warden - Jeanette Spencer

Junior Warden- Darryl Hart

Robin Blunt

Arie Bush

Deidre Frasier

Charlinda Gallant

Marion Holmes

Yulanda B. Thompson

Andrea R. Lawrence

Vermelle Simmons

Patrina Daniels


Charlinda Gallant

Ministry Leaders 

Acolytes - Sue Steed
Altar Guild  -  Yulanda B. Thompson

Choir  -  Lonnie Hamilton, III
Episcopal Church Women  -  Marion L. Holmes

Finance -  Charlinda Gallant

Financial Secretary - Antionette Bennett Bluford

Hospitality  -  Andrea Robinson Lawrence

Lay Eucharistic Visitors - The Rev. Marionette Bennett

Lectors - Cheryl Caruthers

Men of Calvary  -  Marvin Gallant

Outreach/Mission - The Rev. Marionette Bennett

CAJM - Jewell Dingle

HALOS - Richardine Alston and Jewell Dingle

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